KP Group’s Commercial Power Washing Auckland Service

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Cleaning the various surfaces of warehouses or other business premises does require the cleaner to put their back into the whole process. There is no alternative to thorough, hard work when it comes to cleaning business premises. In addition to this, the frequency of the cleaning endeavour also needs to be high so as to maintain high standards of cleanliness.

However, no matter how much human effort goes into keeping business premises clean, perfection is highly untenable. There are spots that are usually overlooked during regular cleaning. Additionally, cleaning with hand tools usually is not enough to clean out tough dirt and grime on wall and floors.

This is where commercial power washing Auckland services by KP Group come in. These are washing services that are rendered to commercial premises to clean them thoroughly and get rid of the dirt that accumulates over time. The end aim of such services is to give business premises and warehouses a touch of freshness and a sparkling look.

Parts Of Business Premises That Are Prime For Commercial Power Washing Auckland Service

Power washing is best for washing surfaces in areas such as packing sheds, loading bays, warehouse floor and walls (both interior and exterior), freight depots, car parks factory floor and walls and construction sites. However, their services can be crafted to clean any place you deem in need of a power wash. A power wash in any of these aforementioned area polishes the surface, seals the surface and removes dirt and grime.

The Various Types Of Power Washing Methods Used By KP Group

To provide appropriate power washing services, KP Group offers different types of power washing services to their clients. They include;

The Scrubbing Service – This service is rendered to clean the floors of business premises, providing a thorough wash that leaves the floors with a dashing look. KP Group’s seasoned washing crew use the very latest ride-on scrubbing machine to clean the floor. For an, even more, comprehensive commercial power washing Auckland cleaning service, customers can opt to have the detailed scrubbing done on their business premises, where a handheld walk-behind machine follows the ride-on machine to scrub areas beyond the reach of the ride-on machine.

Water-Blasting – water blasting is power wash method that is perfect for washing off grime and stubborn dirt on both the floor and the walls. In this category of commercial power washing Auckland service, KP Group has three offerings, from which clients can choose from. These include water blasting with a Wand, water blasting with a cyclone machine and water blasting with a whirly gig.

A power wash with a wand is perfect for cleaning surface around machinery and cleaning walls. A whirlygig power wash is perfect for an even floor power wash.

Steam Blasting – This service is the perfect choice in instances where you want to get rid of mould, mildew, algae and bacteria that is found on various surfaces of your business premises. This service is very important as it takes you a step closer to meeting the various health regulations that business premises must meet.